Robot with linear track

Robot with linear track specification

Features Robot Handler R2830
Total load capacity max 250 kgs.
Milling motor power 11 KW
Central vacuum 90 m3/h
Installed power 25 KW

Robot with linear track documentation

Robot with linear track technical sheet

Supply of a robotic cell for the production of finishes on granite kerbs and/or palletising with vacuum suction cups.

The finishes that can be produced are:

  • Variable size bevels.
  • Bevels of the size of the milling cutter.
  • Inclined cutting disc Ømax. 600mm.
  • Flamed side faces.

Once the different finishes have been carried out on the kerbstone, it will be palletised in the position programmed for this purpose..

Scope of supply:

  • 1 Robot mod. ROBOT KUKA KR 360 R2830.
  • 1 unit Robot head:
  • 11Kw motor, with bushing and chucks for diamond tools.
  • Laser measurement system for kerb calibration.
  • Suction cup 500×150 for grouping parts.
  • Special tool exchanger, flaming lance.
  • 1 pcs. Vacuum group, with pump, tank, suction cup, valves, etc.
  • 1 pcs. flaming lance tool with parking area, flame sensor, electric spark, etc.
  • 1 pcs. Electric panel, and control panel with touch screen.
  • 1 pc. Turning table for making kerbstones.
  • 1 pcs. Safety fencing to limit access to the mobile part of the machine.

About Robot with linear track

  • The Robot is specially designed to carry out automated work in kerb finishing, edge milling or rounding, face flanging and subsequent palletising, based on the same operating principles applied in standard Nodosafer machining and palletising, and offers multiple advantages: optimisation of work processes, reduction of cycle times and efficient use of idle times, etc.
  • The Robot is fed from an auxiliary platform, on top of which is the cutting area, the orthogonal stopper system provides the robot with an XY reference corner to the robot.
  • On the wrist of the Robot is implemented a compact and specially designed head, on which is supported the milling motor unit, the grippers for gripping the flaming tool, as well as a suction cup for handling the workpieces.
  • The suction cup, also of special design, consists of a rectangular plate, capable of supporting horizontal loads of up to 250 kgs.
  • The turning table for processing the kerbstones is located in the robot’s working area and allows for a significant reduction in processing times.
  • The working area is protected, limiting access to risk areas by means of protective fences and photocells, to avoid any risk of accident.
  • The programming and work sequence is variable and parameterisable, and can be selected from the control panel.

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