About nodosafer

Nodosafer's origin

How Nodosafer was born

In 1983, the founding partners Messrs. Novás and Dopico, undertook a project establishing very solid foundations that have made the growth of the company step by step sustained over time. The parent company formed ( GRUPO NODOSA ), currently results in a shipyard in MARIN – PONTEVEDRA ( NODOSA ) and NODOSAFER, focused on the world of stone and industrial robotics with the manufacture of state-of-the-art machinery

The current management of NODOSAFER follows the parameters of the founding partners and through a strong commitment to sustainability, productivity, R+D+i development, renewable energies, etc… it tries to always be at the forefront and places society as a reference global highly appreciated by customers.

Nodosafer facilities

Our company

At Nodosafer, we have an area of 4,000 m2 for the manufacturing process and auxiliary facilities of 10,000 m2 for the storage and stocking of finished products and spare parts.

A complete equipment with the latest cutting-edge technology on the market allows us to complete the manufacturing process of all our machines.

From the smallest part to the most complex structures, we follow the manufacturing protocol for each of our products step by step.

We differentiate ourselves

At Nodosafer we are committed to improving production processes as an essential tool to compete in a global market where customer satisfaction is the most important thing. In addition to offering a quick service to companies that need immediate solutions in the repair and maintenance of machinery, it is worth mentioning the intervention in companies from different sectors, such as naval, auxiliary automobile factories, in addition to the different companies in the sector of the stone and quarries, in maintenance work at the plants themselves, repair of presses, heavy machinery, crushers, large production lines, on-site machining, etc.

Focused on quality

The productive strategy in the manufacture of machinery is based on creativity, own and exclusive design with the help and support of the most advanced technology and the support of advanced computer equipment, together with the manufacture and assembly of all this, both in our own workshops and at the customer’s plant.

Since its foundation in 1983, Nodosafer has focused its efforts on offering its customers high-quality products and services, for which it has made significant investments in machinery, equipment and facilities, incorporating the latest technologies in our manufacturing processes, having currently of CAD/CAM programs and thus meet the needs of our customers and offer possibilities of carrying out differentiated services, including the design and development of our own product.

Nodosafer Team

At Nodosafer we work for and with the client, we believe in teamwork as something that will lead us to obtain the best results. We are a great team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector; For this reason, our concern has always been to achieve a range of safe, reliable and productive machines and tools that allow them to incorporate and adapt to new technological advances that may arise in the future.

Do you want to work with us?
Our professionals

The company has an office wing where the company’s management is located, as well as its different management departments (commercial, finance, purchasing, HR, quality, etc…). Perfectly differentiated and complementary departments with professionals in constant evolution and proven experience.

In the manufacturing processes we start from a fundamental strategy: Research and Design. This process is carried out by professional experts who take maximum care of all the details, continuously testing and rehearsing new elements, systems and processes, which allow us to offer more reliable and precise equipment and services, capable of obtaining great performance and productivity, both in standardized equipment , as in specific machines designed according to the needs of the market.

Nodosafer machinery manufacturers

Quality control

A verification system for all the elements allows us to meet the quality requirements that we set for ourselves. We also have a verification and control team that exhaustively certifies the quality of each piece as well as the final check of the assembly of the equipment in our facilities before leaving for the client.

Our assistance and after-sales service is characterized by a prompt response, a willingness to always serve the customer, manufacturing and continuous supply of the necessary spare parts for each piece of equipment and continuous attention 365 days a year, all this to meet customer needs.

Warranty and Security

Nodosafer, in addition to the legally implicit warranty periods in all the products it manufactures, offers a totally personalized after-sales service, with immediate assistance service and also has spare parts in stock.

We work for the client

At Nodosafer we are committed to improving production processes as an essential tool to compete in a global market where customer satisfaction is the most important thing.

Continuous evolution and learning, with the best design tools and a work team endowed with experience and preparation that makes us at the forefront of the world in manufactured equipment.