Palletazing robot

Palletazing robot specification

Palletizing robot features
Total max load 360 kgs.
Min working size 300 x 300 mm
Central vacuum 90 m3/h
Installed power 25 CV

Palletazing robot documentation

Palletazing robot technical sheet

The Palletizing Robot N-3530, with articulated vacuum suction cup, is specifically designed to do automate palletizing, based on the same operating principles applied in Nodosafer’s standard palletizing. This offers multiple advantages: optimization of work processes, reduction of cycle times and efficient use of downtime, etc.

The delivery includes:

  • 1 Robot mod. KR-360.
  • 1 Vacuum group, with pump, tank, suction cup, valves, etc.
  • 1 Electrical panel and control panel with touch screen.
  • 1 Feeding table with belt.
  • 1 Device for butting and squaring edges.
  • 1 Safety barrier to limit access to the moving part of the machine.

The receiving suction cup, also of particular design, consists of a rectangular plate, capable of supporting horizontal loads up to 360 kg.

The motorized belt table, located at the entrance of the Robot, constitutes the feeding point of the processing unit. In addition, it acts as an intermediate warehouse to guarantee the smoothness of the work cycle and minimize the downtime of the whole line. It basically consists of a frame made of steel sections on which the axes of the rollers rest. All wheels are scrubbed to help synchronize tile advance speeds along the line.

A double butting and squaring device located on the belt table, allows the positioning and control of the edges before reception by the robot.

The work area is protected, limiting access to risk areas by means of protective fences and photocells, to avoid any risk of accident.

The programming and the work sequence is variable and configurable, it is done by selection from the control panel.

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