Machinery for cutting and processing stone


Our company specialises in the manufacture of machinery for the treatment of natural stone, both in primary and secondary cutting and integrating robotics for a multitude of tasks such as processing, finishing, transport, palletisation, etc… always with the greatest possible safety, complying with all current regulations and adapting to the needs of the client.

All our products have a quality certificate, guarantee, immediate assistance and spare parts in stock in case of emergency.

Multiwire cutters

Wide range of multiwire cutters from 15 to 80 wires, for primary cutting of granite, marble and natural stone. Machines with a differentiated design for cutting sheets and thicknesses and, on the other hand, cutting granite or marble. S.T.A system intelligent active tensioning

Automated cutting lines

Automated cutting lines that allow the processing of parts in a fully programmed manner with almost no need for handling and that optionally ends with the entire production palletized ready for transport. Optimization of the tables in a continuous and efficient way

Robots for palletazing or processing and finishing

State-of-the-art robotics applied to stone that allows us continuous work, diverse finishes, very little handling, productivity, efficiency, transfer of pieces, quality of finishes, unmatched process and execution times, safety… And develop together with the client the best possible option for their production process