Nodosafer launches two new multiwire units and continues to expand its product range

The Galician manufacturer of machinery for Nodosafer expands its product family with the launch of the new 1.40 mt multiwir units. and 1.60 mt. cutting width. The first one corresponds to the model N6515.20/1400 installed in the company Granitos Irmaos Peixoto, LDA in Alpendurada (Portugal). The second is the model N6860/60 installed in the company Carrieres Du Beugey in Porcieu-Amblagnieu in the French Alps.

The model N6515.20/1400 is a versatile 20-wire machine with a cutting width of 1.40 meters. This machine meets all the expectations generated after its design and the cutting speed and quality results are extremely satisfactory.

“Its speed and ease in changing thickness measurements to be cut or the placement or removal of threads makes it an indispensable tool for customers who want a high production of material”, explain from Nodosafer.

Nodosafer cortadora multihilo N6515-20
N.6815.20/1400 in Granitos Irmaos Peixoto, LDA in Alpendurada (Portugal)
Nodosafer cortadora multihilo N6860-60
N6860/60 working at the company Carrieres Du Beugey in the French Alps.

The model N6860/60 contains 60 threads with a cutting width of 1.60 meters. and thanks to the STA (Active Tensioning System) Nodosafer has achieved equally outstanding results in the cutting of marble and limestone from this French region. “The individual automatic control of each thread at each of the cutting moments in the block makes the boards have a perfect completion for subsequent treatment always with speeds much higher than what was on the market until now”.

There are two models that complement the range of multiwire equipment and that currently range from 15 to 80 threads with block cutting widths of 1,00-1,20-1,40-1,60 and 2.00 mt. for 7.3-6.3 and 5.3 mm threads for granite, marble and limestones.

Nodosafer anticipates that soon “we will present news in our robotics section applied to natural stone and our cutting lines”.

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